Saarland hike 2019-01

Saarland hike 2019

Saarland hike: 24th-31st August 2019. Location: Saarland , Germany. Description of the Hike: Medium-level hike in Lowlander and mountainous Areas.
The Program: Gathering on Saturday the 24th of August in Eli-ja church in Saarbrücken.
Sunday the 25th of August : 12 km walking in Kirkel and then returning back to Saarbrücken. in the evening participating in the event 65 years anniversary for the Eli-ja church.
Monday the 26th of August : 12 km walking from the first campsite in Orscholz to Kollesleuken.
Tuesday the 27th of August : Rest day, and telematch games.
Wednesday the 28th of August : 25 km walking from the first campsite in Orscholz to Mettlach returning back.
Thursday the 29th of August : 22 km walking from the first campsite in Orscholz to the second campsite in Losheim.
Friday the 30th of August : short walk next to the lake for about 7 km, afternoon free time and swimming.
Saturday the 30st of August : The End of the Hike and departure of the Participants to their Cities.
The number of the participants in this hike was 60 person from Germany, Sweden, Holland, and France.
To be very admired and thanked is the Eli-ja church-Saarbrücken represented by Pastor Christian Heinz, and Diakonie- Saarbrücken represented by Mrs Petra Philipczyk – for providing a place to sleep and for the unlimited logistical and support.
Many thanks to everyone, who helped in the success of the hike, whether by the registration, translation, cooking, transportation. Those who gave a hand to make this Hike done.