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About Our organisation

who we are

A non-profit, independent, und non-affiliated (political, religious, or national) team. We aim to
create a joined space for meetings and interactions in the nature through hiking as a culture to
exchange experiences, build relations and explore oneself, other cultures, and places.
he values in which we believe:

  • Volunteering and initiative
  • Respecting differences, accepting the other
  • Commitment and responsibility
  • Cooperation and trust
About us

Looking to grow and share experiences together

Sharing a hike activity in Syria before coming to Germany was the main glue between our Forward Team members, who meet and decided to go for further planning of this activity.

Most of the team member did experience the hike in Syria with Father Frans Van Der Lucht, and from this we got the inspiration to move forward being aware that we are in a different culture, land, and circumstances.

The name of our Team is the common sentence which Frans used to say always to encourage one not to get depressed or lazy but always to move further.

We agreed to have the Hike first as a base for social solidarity, networking, interactions, international integration, sport, and a method to learn and to exchange knowledge about and with local cultures and the nature of our new “Land”.

After few years of learning while doing, we turned an association at 2018, and as we keep learning and experiencing.

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About Our Team

Meet our team


Ayham Tahan

I am a software developer lives in Berlin, I love sports (hiking, cycling, table tennis and other), I enjoy being in the nature and hike up the mountains, I learned from Forward Team Europe alot since I joind them but most important lesson for me was "It is all about enjoying the journey regardless of the destination.".

Tanja Eickhoff

1978 born in Germany and grew up with my four siblings in Saarbrücken. I live there now with my daughter and my dog. I.m working as an archtiect. We love nature, camping and go hiking as often as possible. I traveled to many countrys around the world, lived in Honduras and planned a school there. Since 2018 been an active part of the team. For me, hiking with this group is about connecting individual personalities, learning and understanding each other. Organizing and planning a hike is a task in itself, in which we all grow together and in the process, we can constantly develop.

Ghiath Al Bitar

My biggest hobby is hiking, I have been hiking with big groups in Syria, Germany and Sweden since 2003. The hiking group has become like a family for me; that I long to meet the same old faces everytime, as well as I expect to make new friends in the hike. I wish that the group would engage as many people as possible to get exposed to the beauty of the nature, and the special experience of belonging to a social network, help them relate to new places and make unforgettable memories. As for my daily life, I live in Jönköping, Sweden. I work as a dentist, enjoy outdoors activities.

Farhan Reiser

I am a software developer , enjoy hiking with people and love nature I like to organise the hike events and share the experience with my colleagues

Mariam Bachich

a civil engineer with an additional master’s degree in World Heritage Studies (Cottbus University). Currently i am researching the Syrian collection in the Ethnological Museum (SMB). i am a co-Founder of SIMAt e.V and Forward-Team Europa e.V. , Hike in the nature, Yoga and Medidation beside others are main hoppyis.

Houssam Albitar

I live in Jönköping in Sweden, I have a PhD. in robotics. I like being in nature, hiking, camping, biking .. , and I enjoy reading, music and exploring new places. I was a part of hiking group in Syria with father France 2000 –2011 and one of the organizers of Vörvärts Europa-Germany and Framåt Vandringsklubb-Sweden. Hiking inspire us by the beauty of nature and give us new connections with nice persons and real experiences. Volunteering and difference acceptance enrich our skills.

Kefah Ali Deeb

An artist and writer based in Berlin. Hiking has always been one of my favourite hobbies. Along the way, I gained new friends and different experiences. In Forward Europe team I would like to get to know more people and share more experiences.

Fadi Alnezami

i am 46 years old, lives in Kaiserslautern in Germany, hiking for me is not a hobby but a lifestyle. Distance or number of steps don't matter, the main thing is that you reach your goal.

Saleem Barkeel

Inglostadt , Bayern
I work as a solar energy engineer. As a hobby, I like dancing, singing, playing music and go for a hike in the nature. The hike for me is home where I live myself fully. My passion is to create a space where people feel belonging and joyful. I like to see happiness in the people’s eyes. This is the reason why I support the Forward team - Europe and would like more people to have this experience.

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